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Disclaimer: This is not Financial Advice. It is what we think from our research as a company with our reasons why?

Ethereum [ETH]: This is because Etherum block chain still ranks tops with
the most actives 0n the block chain network with the most Developers. This
is also because most of the successful DAPPS [decentralized exchanges are built on ETH blockchain e.g. uniswap which ranks tops on the list of most popular Dapps, pancake swap, polygonswap etc. A crypto currency will most likely do well when a lot of people are using it.

MATIC on the Polygon Network: A lot of Gaming sites and personalities are now moving to use the polygon network for block chain . Recently YouTube’s head of gaming left YouTube to join polygon block chain gaming as well. Facebook and Instagram users can also issue NFTs on the polygon network.

ADA on the Cardano Network: They are building an ISP that’s launching
in 2022 with over 2 million users and over 5 million native assets have been
launched on the Cardano Ecosystem. They keep Evolving in their hydra
technology giving them ways to make their apps better.

Fantom Coin [FTM]: Fantom currently earns 10,000,000 per annum
excluding any capital gains. They are very cash flow posting as they earn way more than they spend. Their lead developer Andre Crony also comes back to join the team again.

Bitcoin [BTC]: It is the lowest risk crypto on the list of crypto currencies. Most coins take their reference for price movement of Bitcoins price movement because it is the most used crypto currency.

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