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B-Empire welcomes you on board as you trade your desired cryptocurrency. Our goal is to help you create a stress-free trading platform to enable you trade with confidence. You buy and sell whatever cryptocurrency you have and can as well learn the nitty-gritty of crypto.

What We Offer

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we have all crypto-currencies available to trade with you, we are fast and reliable to transact with our best rates and satisfying transactions.

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Do you have any coin or crypto-currency you are ready to sell, come into our cryptoverse and trade with us, we are ready to buy from you.

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The beauty of CRYPTO-TRADING is knowing the strategies and how to win in the cryptoverse, want to learn how to trade crypto-currencies, join us now!

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We have got you covered if you need help with signals to help you trade better. Click the link below to join our free signal group


Achebe Obinna Kingsley [aka B-Empire] is an Igbo Nigerian national from Nwagu Dunukofia L.G.A. Anambra state, but born and raised in Abakpa Nike Enugu State. He was born on April 14th, 2002. He is young enterprising man who began his businesses at a very young age. He is the chairman of B-Empire Global Limited, one of the top and most trusted vendor of cryptocurrency in Africa. 

A hardworking, honest and straightforward young man who applies the policy of honesty and transparency in all his dealings, which formed the bedrock upon which his business was built. The idea of B-Empire was born at the very early age of 14 when he was first part of a conversation on cryptocurrency which fascinated the young boy enough to seek out an older dear friend who taught him all he needed to know about the business and how to go about trading on his own, soon he became an expert trader in the market and began helping people [friends and family] trade and coaching when necessary or asked to. As a smart and business minded individual he identified a very good business opportunity and soon began charging for his services. Soon a humble venture to earn a few extra bucks which he conducted with the utmost trust, honesty and transparency [policies applied in all his dealings] turned into a full blown business which has grown his wealth. Today Achebe Obinna Kingsley is a young multimillionaire.

We Provide the Best Crypto-Trading Platform.

Experience crypto-trading speed with B-Empire.

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