Ever heard of the term free money? 

Well yes it is possible even in crypto currency ecosystem. There can be free crypto that is and could be worth so much. This is where the term airdrop comes in. An airdrop refers to the distribution of digital asserts i.e. crypto currencies to the public either by privilege of holding a certain other token, having an active wallet address on a particular block chain ,or by performing some social media task. 

This could be that another token(mostly new tokens) may decide to give their native tokens for free to all those that are holding bitcoin or it could be that they decide to give free tokens to all those who have active wallets in their block chain. Airdrops are mainly used by crypto currency companies as a means of advertising. So instead of them to spend hundreds and millions of dollars on media advertising they can decide to give out that money for free to the public so many people get interested and excited to know more about their token cause who doesn’t like free money? 

LOL, Some airdrops can be gotten by virtue of having an active account on a block chain before a certain stated date, this is called a standard airdrop. some airdrops are gotten when you are asked to perform certain promotional task like to sign up for an account ,follow and like their social media pages etc… this is called a bounty airdrop. Airdrops can also be gotten by virtue of holding a particular crypto currency ,this is called a holder airdrop. 


You can potentially look for block chains and exchanges who don’t have their native token yet and get involved with them in other to be eligible for their airdrops when they are called out. Note that decentralized wallets are mostly used for airdrops. Another way is to join social media crypto and airdrop related pages like defi airdrop on twitter and web sites like coinmarketcal, to get news on potential airdrops to come . Keep in mind that most of the things on social media are all rumors so be sure to do your own research first. 

Disclaimer!!! Because airdrop is free money, there are a lot of scams programs posed as airdrops. It is advised to create a separate wallet strictly for airdrops aside from your main wallet.

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